New research has produced an easier and better approach to cold prevention.

Cold miseries are now easy to avoid.

Cold miseries are now easy to avoid.

EPA tests, hospital research, and hundreds of recent studies point to a strong result.  Together they confirm that solid copper kills bacteria and viruses on contact in minutes.

Among the many viruses copper can kill are viruses that cause colds.  See The Science Behind CopperZap for research details.

Cold prevention with no pills

Based on the research, the idea of solid copper for cold prevention makes sense.  Cold viruses collect in the nose.  They multiply there before spreading out and causing cold symptoms.


Rub solid copper in your nose for 60 seconds at the first sign.

So if you rub solid copper briefly in your nose at the first sign of a cold, it can be a form of natural cold prevention.

This idea led us to create a device for applying solid copper directly in the nose. We call it CopperZap™, because science confirms that copper zaps germs.

We asked people to try it when they first noticed signs of a cold coming on, like a tickle in their nose or a scratchy throat.

None of them got the cold

A number of people rubbed the copper in their nostrils for about 60 seconds in the first few hours after they felt they were getting a cold.  None of them got the cold they expected.  Plus, it was easy.

Other people did not try CopperZap™ until after cold symptoms had already developed.  If they tried it within 48 hours, all said the copper seemed to mitigate the cold compared to what they would have expected.  They either had less severe symptoms or a shorter cold or both.  So the solid copper in CopperZap is both an alternative cold prevention when the cold is about to start and a natural cold remedy once the cold has already started.

Just touching the copper can help

The tip is not the only part made of solid copper, so is the handle.  You can rub your fingers and thumb on the handle to attack cold viruses on your skin for better cold prevention. It can also help avoid spreading other kinds of germs around and thereby help with flu prevention and general prevention of illness spread by touch.

CopperZap™ has no known side effects when used as directed.


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