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Month: February 2014

It Was Bound To Happen – Someone Says It Didn’t Work For Her

February 25, 2014
Last night we got our first report that copper did not completely stop a cold even when used right after the first sign.

Up till now, every single report we got from the many users we asked said they believe solid copper stopped a cold completely if used within 4 hours of the first sign. If used within 48 hours, all reports so far say it mitigated the cold compared to what they have experienced in the past.

We knew it was just a matter of time, however, until we found an exception. Nothing works 100%.

Nevertheless, we wish it had worked completely for the woman we spoke with last night so she could have avoided the suffering. She used CopperZap strictly according to the directions. She even used it in advance because her husband had a cold, and again several times shortly after her first signs appeared. She got the cold anyway, so she is our first exception. She did say the cold was several days shorter than previous colds she has had, so it was not a total exception.

She said one reason it didn’t work as well as hoped may be that her nose is not normal. It seems to have an extra passageway to her throat. She has constant nasal drip even when she is otherwise healthy. She has other health abnormalities, too. She tried a cosmetic that was supposed to be non-allergenic for 99 out of 100 people. She says she must be in the unlucky 1 in 100, because she had a strong allergic reaction.

Every body is different. We know there are wide variations in the internal shape of the nose from one person to another, and sometimes even from one nostril to the other in the same person. We think in rare cases there may be a significant place in a nostril that CopperZap can’t reach. Such a place could be a safe haven for viruses.

Fortunately, most people do not seem to have that problem. In fact, this unfortunate woman’s experience is like the exception that proves the rule. She is the only one so far who got little benefit even with use of solid copper in the first few hours. We are sorry.

We offer a full cash refund for anyone who is not satisfied, regardless of the reason. In this case, however, it is shared with her husband, and he says it did work for him. He wants to keep it.

We wish it worked for everyone. In fact, we wish it cured cancer and every other other illness, too. It just doesn’t.

But we know that solid copper does benefit the great majority of those who use it. We look forward enthusiastically to helping millions of people. But we know realistically we can’t help everyone.

Copper: Mineral Or Gem?

February 22, 2014
We recently showed CopperZap at the Gem and Mineral Show in Tucson, AZ. We put up a banner:

“Copper is only a mineral, but when you stop getting colds you will think it’s a gem.”

As if to prove the point, a customer just called CopperZap a “jewel”. (Close enough.) Others also have expressed relief and joy at not getting colds any more. Copper really is just a mineral, of course, but it has such high electrical conductance it can do amazing things, like power a light bulb or zap a germ.

It was an amazing thing long ago when scientists discovered that copper wires can convey electricity and create light. Many people of the time considered electric lights a miracle. Today copper wires seem routine.

Now scientists have discovered that copper zaps viruses and bacteria. So, right on cue, another customer recently called CopperZap “a miracle”. But that’s just because the discovery is so new. Eventually it, too, will seem routine.

Meanwhile, however, we are delighted if people call CopperZap a jewel or a miracle. We share the feeling. When people realize they don’t have to suffer through a cold ever again, it lifts their spirits.

So if you want to think copper is a gem, go right ahead. We don’t mind.


The full comment from the person who called it a jewel was: “I received the CopperZap as a Christmas gift..since I’m 70 years old I think this is going to be one of the best presents I have ever received. I have not had a cold so far this year..I have used it at the first sign of a sniffle and as a preventative measure after being around co-workers that have colds. This little jewel really works and for those of you that don’t want to stick something up your nose, it absolutely does not hurt and is worth every second of use versus a week or more suffering from a cold/flu. Thank you for inventing this wonderful little preventative heath care tool.”


The full testimonial from the person who called it miraculous was: “Yesterday I woke up feeling a cold coming on. I did the CopperZap four times during the morning, once an hour. I felt completely fine, but that night I started feeling congestion. I had already done the CopperZap as many times as the directions say you can, so I didn’t use it again until today. This morning I was totally congested. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. So I did the CopperZap again. As soon as I used it the congestion went away and I feel fine. It is truly a miracle. I completely swear by CopperZap. It is the only thing I go by any more. I mean it.”

His New Routine: Brush Your Teeth, Zap Your Nose

Teachers and personal trainers are among the groups regularly exposed to cold viruses and other pathogens. They constantly touch things many other people have touched.

A man I know in New York City is both a teacher and a personal trainer. His wife is also a teacher. They probably bring germs home with them practically every day.

So he has a new routine. Every morning and every night it’s the same. He calls it “Brush your teeth, CopperZap your nose.” He says he has not been sick once in the months he has been following this routine.

Frequent preventive use like this raises the question of too much copper in your system. From all the evidence we can find, very few people are at risk. The amount of copper absorbed in the body from each use is much less than normal healthy intake from food and a tiny fraction of the amounts considered possibly toxic.

The only people we think would be at risk are those who already have too much, or almost too much, copper in their system. They might be fitted with a copper IUD, or they might work in a copper milling faciity with poor dust control, or they might be using copper cookware or drinking from the hot water tap.

For such people a little more copper might bring on symptoms of copper toxicity. Such symptoms, listed in the CopperZap Directions, include: nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, dizziness, metallic taste, hair loss, yellow skin and eyes, and unusual weakness.

Because of the risk, the Directions set limits on the use of CopperZap. For most people, we believe these limits are very conservative. If you don’t have any of the symptoms of copper toxicity, it is probably ok to use CopperZap daily in a preventive manner if you watch out for the symptoms.

We urge you to stop using CopperZap immediately and consult a doctor if you experience such symptoms.

Stopped The Cold In 2 Hours

An IT expert told me yesterday he finally had occasion to use his CopperZap that he got a couple of months ago. Last week he felt a cold coming on – a tickle in the nose, a “sneezy feeling”, and some congestion.

He rubbed CopperZap for 60 seconds in each nostril. This was about two and a half hours after he felt the first symptoms. Another one to two hours later the signs of a cold were completely gone, no more congestion, sneezy feeling, or tickle. He says he has felt fine ever since.

This is just one more of many reports we get of people stopping a cold completely if they get to it in the first few hours after they notice any signs. We also get reports of people who waited more than four hours and did not stop the cold but did reduce its severity and duration. The sooner they got to it, the milder the cold.

We are also hearing more reports of people using CopperZap preventively, meaning before they have any signs of a cold. These are people who have some reason to believe they have been exposed to cold germs or other pathogens and want to protect themselves.

The people telling us about preventive use believe it works, especially when others around them get sick and they don’t.

Perfect Occasion For Preventive Use Of Copper

A friend of mine recently told me he used CopperZap preventively. His family had a houseguest who had a cold. As soon as the guest arrived, my friend became concerned about getting the cold. He started using his CopperZap every morning and evening, even though he did not feel any signs of a cold.

It is impossible to know what would have happened otherwise, but his wife and daughter both caught colds and he didn’t. It seems he picked a perfect occasion to use copper preventively.

Copper Workers Seem To Avoid Illness

My assistant Jennifer was talking with a lady yesterday about CopperZap and the protective effect of copper against infectious illnesses. The lady said, “Oh, I never get sick.”

Jennifer asked her what she does. The lady said she makes copper jewelry, then suddenly exclaimed, “Oh, maybe that’s why I never get sick!”

It reminded us of the original discovery in 1832 that copper workers seem immune to Cholera. See the report from the University of Virginia by Dr. Rebecca Reddaway.

Research suggests that traces of copper on your fingers and in your nose offer some protection against a variety of illnesses. Copper workers probably have traces of copper on their hands and faces and in their noses practically all the time.

Given all the different bacteria and viruses (see the research) shown to be killed swiftly by direct contact with copper, maybe this lady’s experience and the evidence about cholera are no surprise.

We can’t all be copper workers, but we can all use CopperZap.