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Is It Starve A Cold, Feed A Fever, Or The Opposite?

May 8, 2014
Actually, it’s neither. That’s why there is so much confusion.

People posting answers to the question are about evenly split as to whether it’s “starve a cold, feed a fever” or “feed a cold, starve a fever”. The answers from medical sources, however, say don’t do either.

“Starving is never the correct answer,” says WebMD. Feed yourself a balanced diet of nutritious food whether you have a cold or fever or are perfectly healthy.

“What’s more critical, however, is consuming ample liquids,” according to Completely You.

But there another step that’s even better – apply the touch of antimicrobial metal to in the nose to prevent or stop both cold and fever. If you do, you don’t have to get sick in the first place.

Both cold and fever are caused by microbes. The microbes are viruses that usually get into your system through your nose. Antimicrobial metal can destroy viruses right in the nostril.

Preliminary research shows you can usually stop a cold or fever completely by rubbing antimicrobial metal in your nose at the first sign of a cold or flu. The metal’s ability to kill viruses is confirmed by scientific research.

EPA and university tests shows that antimicrobial metal, like silver, copper, and zinc, kill viruses by touch in minutes or less. Silver is toxic, not to mention extremely expensive, so it’s not a good choice to rub in the nose. Zinc nasal gels and sprays were taken off the market after causing apparent damage to the sense of smell, so zinc is not a good choice either.

That leaves copper. Copper is the choice of hospitals for touch-surfaces, like faucets, doorknobs, and bedrails. Tests show that changing these surfaces to copper reduces hospital-acquired infections by 50% or more.

If stationary copper surfaces kill microbes, a mobile copper surface should too. This ideal led to CopperZap™, a handheld copper nasal wand and touch-surface handle.

Preliminary results were encouraging. People used CopperZap to apply copper directly in their nostrils to kill viruses by touch at the first signs of cold or flu. It worked.

Colds were stopped completely if the copper was applied once or twice within 4 hours of the first sign. Flu with low fever was stopped with 3-4 applications daily for 2-3 days. Both colds and fever were shortened if copper was applied after four hours but still within the first 48 hours.

So you don’t need to starve or cold, feed a fever, or feed a cold or starve a fever. You just need good nutrition, plenty of fluids, and solid copper at the first sign of illness.