September 2014 - CopperZap

Month: September 2014

This Cold Season, We CopperZap Users REFUSE TO PARTICIPATE!

Reminder to CopperZap owners:

Cold and Flu Season is here again, but we CopperZap users REFUSE TO PARTICIPATE!

I hope you had a great summer and didn’t need your CopperZap, but it might be time to dig it out again and keep it with you.

Reminder about COLDS:

At the very first sign of a cold, like a tickle in your nose or a scratchy throat, rub your CopperZap gently along the bottom and sides of each nostril for about 60 seconds. If the signs remain or return, do it again in an hour or so. If you wait until you have major symptoms, you may still be able to shorten or lessen the cold, so keep using it up to 4 times a day and up to 3 days in a row.

Almost 100% of users say the copper stopped a cold if used within 3-4 hours of the first sign, and lessened it if used within 48 hours. Also, in an estimated several thousand total uses so far, no side effects have been reported to us.

Reminder about FLU:

Flu can be hard to distinguish from a cold, but flu often includes headache, general achiness, chills, fever, and fatigue. Flu often comes on faster, with more severe symptoms.

If the flu starts in the nose, you may be able to stop it with immediate and frequent application of copper in the nostril over several days, starting right away at the first sign. If you don’t get to it right away, you may still be able to shorten the illness or reduce its severity.

If the flu starts in the throat, however, copper in the nose may not help. Try a chewable zinc tablet. Zinc is also antimicrobial, like copper, but with potential side effects, so use very little of it. Lean way back, chew the tablet slowly, and try to let tiny pieces drain over the spot in your throat where you feel the tickle or discomfort.

Alternatively, soak your CopperZap in distilled water for an hour and swish it around to get a lot of copper in the water. Then lean back and slowly sip the coppery water and let it dribble over the trouble spot in your throat. If you can get enough germ-killing copper onto the spot in time, you may be able to stop the flu before it knocks you out.

Reminder about MRSA etc:

Experts say 80% of infectious illnesses are transmitted by touch. Contact with an infected person or with something an infected person has touched can make you sick, and also make you a carrier. If you visit a hospital, share space with a sick person, handle money, or touch things touched by others, you may want to rub your hands on your CopperZap, before and after if possible. A University of Arizona study showed bacteria left on an office doorknob by one person got onto the hands of nearly every other person in the office within 4 hours, as well as on many commonly touched surfaces like coffee pot handles, copier buttons, etc.

Wash your hands when you can. If you use antibacterial soap or wipes, however, remember they do not kill viruses. They also help bacteria become antibiotic resistant. Copper kills viral and bacterial microbes both, including many antibiotic resistant ones like MRSA, VRE, etc. At last count, researchers had shown copper effective against about 172 different disease-causing microbes.

Directions for Use: We recommend reading the Directions again to be sure about use and safety. We made a change recently to warn against being near an airbag when using CopperZap in the nose. Sudden airbag deployment could cause it to turn hard or push back too far. Read the latest Directions here.

Other Uses and Feedback: We have heard anecdotal reports from some users about applying CopperZap against a sty in the eye by touch, or a pimple by repeated pressing, or sinus headaches by normal use in the nostril. There are too few reports to know if it was really the copper that helped or if the problems would have improved anyway. We hope to hear more reports. We are always eager to hear about any experience you have with CopperZap.

Healthier communities: Use of copper in a few hospitals has drastically reduced hospital-acquired illnesses. CopperZap seeks to extend the benefit to other settings for individuals and families. If we can reduce the spread of infectious illness, our communities can be healthier and happier.

Here’s hoping your season is cold-free and flu-free, from all of us at CopperZap LLC.