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Doctor Suggests Solution For Family Practitioners

An M.D. friend of many years told me the other day that family practitioners are often confronted with patients complaining of a stuffy nose, congestion, sneezing, and coughing. He said, we know there is nothing likely to completely stop a cold that far along, but we also know the patient will be upset if we don’t give them something. So we are pressured give them a drug that may help the symptoms a little but may make them drowsy or worse.

CopperZap is a great solution. The copper will probably help the symptoms, too, but without the side effects. And then the patient will have it and hopefully use it earlier next time and not get the cold in the first place.

Quick Draw Pays Off

John, an engineer friend of mine, said he stopped a cold with a single copper application a few days ago. He used CopperZap in his nose just a half hour after feeling the first tickle in his nose.

He was sure it was a cold because his daughter had had a cold the previous week. She had not used CopperZap. He knew to use it because he has used it successfully before. He knew it was important to use it as soon as possible at the first sign of cold or flu. He woke up with a “pre-cold” tickle in his nose and used his CopperZap as soon as he was up and starting his day. The tickle went away in minutes and the cold never took hold.

A quick draw paid off. I can picture a contest, like the “fastest gun” faceoffs in old cowboy movies,for the title of Fastest CopperZap in the West!

Doug Cornell

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