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Copper Kills Bacteria In Less Than A Minute, Researcher Says

Copper “kills bacteria in less than a minute,” according to Dr. Chris Rensing, formerly of the University of Arizona and recently at Research Triangle Institute International. “On stainless steel, those same bacteria are still alive after 24 hours or more.” Rensing termed copper “far superior in terms of hygiene.”

Evidence suggests two ways copper kills microbes, one fast way and one slower way. The fast way is by direct touch of the solid copper to the microbe, which immediately disrupts the electrical balance of the microbe and starts its dying.

The slow way happens as copper ions diffuse into the mucus and reach some of the microbes that were not actually touched by the solid copper but are nearby in the mucus. Researchers believe the ions have nearly as devastating an effect on the microbes as the direct touch of the solid copper.

That may explain why some users of CopperZap report an immediate reduction in congestion in the nose when they apply copper but a slower elimination of the tickle, over 10 minutes or longer. The tickle probably continues while there are still active living cold viruses that have not yet been touched by either the ions or the solid copper. If there are a lot of such viruses, perhaps because of a delay in applying copper, it may take additional applications of copper to get to them over the next hour or two.

If the delay has been too long, however, the viruses may have spread out so much that copper in the nose can no longer reach most of them and the cold can only be mitigated, not stopped. That’s why it is so important to apply copper right away at the first sign of cold or flu for the best chance to stop the illness completely.

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