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Copper: Mineral Or Gem?

February 22, 2014
We recently showed CopperZap at the Gem and Mineral Show in Tucson, AZ. We put up a banner:

“Copper is only a mineral, but when you stop getting colds you will think it’s a gem.”

As if to prove the point, a customer just called CopperZap a “jewel”. (Close enough.) Others also have expressed relief and joy at not getting colds any more. Copper really is just a mineral, of course, but it has such high electrical conductance it can do amazing things, like power a light bulb or zap a germ.

It was an amazing thing long ago when scientists discovered that copper wires can convey electricity and create light. Many people of the time considered electric lights a miracle. Today copper wires seem routine.

Now scientists have discovered that copper zaps viruses and bacteria. So, right on cue, another customer recently called CopperZap “a miracle”. But that’s just because the discovery is so new. Eventually it, too, will seem routine.

Meanwhile, however, we are delighted if people call CopperZap a jewel or a miracle. We share the feeling. When people realize they don’t have to suffer through a cold ever again, it lifts their spirits.

So if you want to think copper is a gem, go right ahead. We don’t mind.


The full comment from the person who called it a jewel was: “I received the CopperZap as a Christmas gift..since I’m 70 years old I think this is going to be one of the best presents I have ever received. I have not had a cold so far this year..I have used it at the first sign of a sniffle and as a preventative measure after being around co-workers that have colds. This little jewel really works and for those of you that don’t want to stick something up your nose, it absolutely does not hurt and is worth every second of use versus a week or more suffering from a cold/flu. Thank you for inventing this wonderful little preventative heath care tool.”


The full testimonial from the person who called it miraculous was: “Yesterday I woke up feeling a cold coming on. I did the CopperZap four times during the morning, once an hour. I felt completely fine, but that night I started feeling congestion. I had already done the CopperZap as many times as the directions say you can, so I didn’t use it again until today. This morning I was totally congested. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. So I did the CopperZap again. As soon as I used it the congestion went away and I feel fine. It is truly a miracle. I completely swear by CopperZap. It is the only thing I go by any more. I mean it.”