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Copper Workers Seem To Avoid Illness

My assistant Jennifer was talking with a lady yesterday about CopperZap and the protective effect of copper against infectious illnesses. The lady said, “Oh, I never get sick.”

Jennifer asked her what she does. The lady said she makes copper jewelry, then suddenly exclaimed, “Oh, maybe that’s why I never get sick!”

It reminded us of the original discovery in 1832 that copper workers seem immune to Cholera. See the report from the University of Virginia by Dr. Rebecca Reddaway.

Research suggests that traces of copper on your fingers and in your nose offer some protection against a variety of illnesses. Copper workers probably have traces of copper on their hands and faces and in their noses practically all the time.

Given all the different bacteria and viruses (see the research) shown to be killed swiftly by direct contact with copper, maybe this lady’s experience and the evidence about cholera are no surprise.

We can’t all be copper workers, but we can all use CopperZap.