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CopperZap ASAP! Stop A Cold From The Start

People keep telling us of times they used CopperZap right away when they thought they were getting a cold and the cold stopped.

But quite a few people say at least one time they didn’t use it right away, for various reasons. They all say they still got a benefit, even if they waited quite a few hours. The colds were generally short and mild, but not completely stopped because of the delay.

One of the reasons for delay that we hear often is that it is hard to tell at first if the signs in your nose are cold or allergy. Some people tend to wait in case it is allergy.

A better strategy might be not to wait, in case it is not allergy. If it is just allergy it may keep going and you will know. CopperZap can’t stop allergies. But if it is a cold, solid copper can stop it if you get to it early enough.

A friend came up with the phrase “CopperZap ASAP”. I am a lousy poet, but sometimes I can’t stop myself, so here goes…

When a cold seems to be your fate, you better not procrastinate.
To stop a cold the same day, you must be bold and don’t delay.
For best results of CopperZap, get right to it – ASAP!