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CopperZap, MRSA, And Watermelons: Tales From The Barbershop

My barber, Craig, says he has used his CopperZap 3 times already in the few weeks he has had it.

One evening he started sneezing a little and wondered if it might be a cold or just allergies. Then he started feeling chills and goosebumps. He knew chills are typical of flu, so he immediately used his CopperZap. The next morning he felt fine and had no symptoms.

He could not be sure, of course, whether he would have gotten sick, but he pointed out it was no trouble to rub his CopperZap for 60 seconds in each nostril while he watched a game.

Another time he was coming home from a gathering where he had noticed several people coughing and sneezing, so he used his CopperZap as a preventive measure. That’s smart. Who knows if he would have caught something, but it is easy prevention. You never know if washing your hands prevents anything either, but it’s a smart thing to do.

The third time he used it was when a neighbor lady who takes care of her elderly mother came over and reported her mother has MRSA. MRSA is a dangerous antibiotic-resistant staph infection that has often been picked up in hospitals and spread by patients and visitors.

MRSA is one of the pathogens the EPA targeted in their research on copper as a way of cutting hospital-acquired infections. Researchers found copper surfaces are highly effective against MRSA. Craig used his CopperZap immediately after the lady left. Again, who knows what would have happened otherwise, but why take a chance?

Craig also told me about another lady who won’t use CopperZap because she has an aversion to putting anything in her nose. I have run into a couple of people who feel that way. It is understandable, especially since as children we were warned not to stick things in our noses. Craig said he bets if she gets a bad cold or flu “she might be willing to stick a watermelon up her nose if she thought it would help.” Fortunately, that won’t be necessary.