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CopperZapped Water May Have Stopped The Flu

Yesterday morning I felt a headache, a tickle in my nose, and a tickle in my throat that made me cough. In the past, those have been signs I am getting the flu.

I immediately started using my CopperZap in my nose, which reduced the tickle there but did not affect the tickle in my throat. So I made some “copper water”.

It is easy to make copper water. I cleaned my CopperZap really well. I put it and about 1-2 ounces of distilled water in a cup. I used distilled water because it is known to dissolve metal faster than tap water. I tilted the cup so the water covered most of the CopperZap, swished it around a few times, and let it sit for about 20 minutes.

I knew the water then had a gretty good copper content, based on past tests I have done. So I tilted my head way back and gradually drank the water, letting it dribble very slowly over the place in my throat where I felt the tickle. It is hard to tell exactly, but it felt like I got a lot of copper water directly onto the tickle area.

I repeated this process twice more during the day and used my CopperZap in my nose three more times. By late afternoon the headache was gone, both tickles were gone, and the cough was gone. This morning I felt slight tickles again in my nose and throat, though no cough. I “zapped” my nose again and did the copper water thing in my throat again. Both tickles went away almost instantly.

Flu viruses cause a tickle as they multiply, but copper quickly inactivates most of them. (EPA tests confirm that copper inactivates flu viruses.) Flu viruses are more aggressive than cold viruses, so they rebound faster and you have to keep hitting them to give your immune system time to catch up and get ahead of them. People say they sometimes have to use copper repeatedly for 2-3 days to stop the flu, versus only once or twice for a cold.

This is the second time I have stopped a cough-causing tickle in my throat with copper water. In the past it would develop into a full-blown horrible flu.

CopperZap was designed as a way to touch copper to the inside of your nostrils. Now it looks like it can be used to touch copper to the inside of your throat as well. Those are the two main places cold and flu viruses gather and multiply when you are about to get sick.

If CopperZap can get copper to both places, it is even more useful than I thought.

Doug Cornell, PhD