Early Adopters Wanted - CopperZap

Early Adopters Wanted

I have been completely mystified that CopperZaps are not flying off the shelves. I couldn’t understand why something so cutting-edge and more importantly something that is easy and works so well meets with such skepticism.

Until I remembered a class I took in grad school that taught me about the Innovation Adoption Lifecycle. In medical fields, there’s another term for a similar phenomenon. It’s called the Normalization Process Theory, but I am not going to go there!

In the Innovation Adoption Lifecycle, there is a bell curve of users that illustrates the percentages of them along that curve, as they adopt a new product or technology.

So, according to this curve, only 2.5% of people are innovators. Early adopters make up another 13.5 percent of people. Early majority and late majority each comprise 34% and lastly, the laggards make up 16% of people.

There’s my answer. It isn’t mystifying after all – just frustrating, but completely understandable. The phenomenon of keeping up with the Joneses may not be about prestige after all. Perhaps it is just that 68% of people are adopting new products all around the same time. I am impatient for that day.