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Stop a Cold Before it Starts

Kill germs before they make you sick, including bacteria, cold and flu viruses, and other viruses.

New research:  You can stop a cold before it starts.

"Seven years without a cold." Inventor Dr. Doug Cornell, PhD

When cold viruses get in the nose, they collect and multiply before they spread out and make you sick.

"I got mine years ago.  I have not had a cold since." Jeannette, Colorado

During this incubation period, most people feel a warning sign, like a tickle in the nose, that tells them a cold is about to start. 

"Not had a cold for years since having my CopperZap." Susan, AZ

Now there is a way to take control at the first sign of a cold and stop the viruses before they spread too far into your system. 

Copper kills microbes just by direct contact.  Yep, it's true.  Hundreds of studies confirm it.

"Viruses and bacteria are rapidly killed by copper." American Society for Microbiology

Once you have an illness, copper cannot cure or remedy it.  CopperZap uses copper to try to kill disease germs that get on your fingers or in your nose, before they get into your system and make you sick.

"It stopped my cold right away." 

Over 99% of feedback says it stops colds when used at the first sign.

Copper kills every strain of virus it has been tested against, as of recent reports. 

In some tests, researchers waited 4 hours, in other tests 2 hours, before checking and determining that no viruses were found still active.  This has led to a misinterpretation that it takes 2-4 hours.

It is likely much faster than that, as indicated by other research. Detailed tests by Dr. Chris Rensing found that when copper actually touches a microbe by direct physical contact, the microbe dies almost immediately, in "less than a minute," he said.

In many tests, however, drops of virus-filled liquid are placed on copper, but at first the copper only directly touches the viruses at the bottom of the liquid.  

Researchers usually tests the speed of kill of all the microbes in liquid, not just the ones at the bottom layer that were in direct contact with copper.

It is hard to measure what is happening during the first 2-4 hours, but indications are that the microbes at the bottom of the liquid, which are the only ones touching copper at first, are killed very quickly.

It takes a while for copper ions to suffuse through the liquid and reach the rest.

When you rub copper on your fingers after touching a contaminated surface, the active movement reaches many of the viruses immediately.  It also can leave more copper ions to reach the rest quickly.

It can also leaves a trace of copper on your skin which may last a short time and may provide additional protection against microbes you touch during that time.

Washing your hands for with soap for at least 20 seconds is highly recommended against many infectious illnesses.  Copper is not a substitute for hand-washing and other recommended practices.

No kind of defense is 100%, but copper in the right shape and texture can help avoid colds, sinus trouble, cold sores,  and various types of skin infections.. 

"I would pay ten times as much for this." 

CopperZap Natural Cold Prevention

CopperZap Natural Cold Prevention

Price $69.95 in US dollars.

US shipping $4.95 for 1.

Free shipping for 2 or more

90-day full money back guarantee.

CopperZap Natural Cold Prevention


US shipping $4.95 for 1, FREE for 2 or more in 1 shipment. International Shipping. 90-day FULL money-back guarantee.

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Made in USA. Usually ships same or next business day.

Canada shipping $12.95 US per shipment, any quantity.

"Best $70 I ever spent." Wayne A., MI

In 2002 the EPA was searching for a way to slow the rapid spread of disease germs in hospitals.

Since then many teams of scientists have confirmed copper as a broad spectrum germ killer.

Dr. Bill Keevil has been a leader in showing that copper kills cold and flu viruses, and other disease germs. 

Dr. Bill Keevil and research associate showing copper kills disease germs, including viruses and bacteria, on contact.

"Copper is great at killing superbugs." Dr. Bill Keevil

Keevil's conclusions match similar findings reported by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Institutes of Health (NIH), and numerous universities, labs, and hospitals.  All tests confirm, germs die fast when touched by copper.

Visit our Resource Links to see studies, articles, and research. 

"Copper is the new gold standard in savings lives." Health Systems Review and Forbes Magazine

Once the EPA confirmed that copper kills germs, they advised hospitals to switch to copper for touch surfaces, like doorknobs, faucets, and tray tables.  

  Hospitals that made the switch have cut down on the spread of MRSA and other diseases by over 50%, according to reports.

Stephen Johnson headed the EPA when it designated copper the only solid anti-microbial substance.

Researchers say the high conductance of copper interferes with the delicate electrical balance of a germ cell and destroys it in seconds.

The strong scientific evidence gave inventor Doug Cornell an idea.  The next time he felt a cold about to start, he fashioned a smooth copper probe with just the right shape to reach the right place in the nasal cavity.

That is where cold and other viruses collect before they spread out and cause symptoms.  He touched it gently in and around that spot for 60 seconds.

The research gave inventor Dr. Doug Cornell, PhD, the idea for a device to prevent colds.

He made the first CopperZap in 2012 and started using it.  "I used to get 2-3 bad colds a year," he says, "but since then I have not had a single cold."

He asked friends and relatives to try it.  They said it worked for them, too, every time.

"I don't know how it does it. It's amazing!" Rosemary, Arizona

Copper in the right form and shape turns out to provide natural cold prevention, and also prevention of some kinds of flu, pneumonia, and many other disease germs.

So Doug patented CopperZap™ and put it on the market.

"It has helped me so much.  No colds.  No flu.  Get one.  Use it.  It works." Marti, Nurse

Soon hundreds of people had tried it and reported their results. Over 99% said the copper stops colds if used within 3 hours of the first sign of a cold.

"Stopped several colds from starting because I used it right away." Mike, Texas

Use for 60 seconds in your nose at the first sign of cold or flu, such as a tickle in the nose or a scratchy throat, or when you have been around sick people or crowds.

"An amazing tool of prevention." Lynda, MA

Since then thousands of people have completely stopped getting colds.  Many have also stopped flu, sinus trouble, cold sores, nighttime congestion, skin infections, and more.

"It. works.  Carry it with you at all times." Marti, Nurse


CopperZap Natural Cold Prevention

CopperZap Natural Cold Prevention

Lasts forever.

Price $69.95 in US dollars.

US shipping $4.95 for 1.

Free shipping for 2 or more

90-day full money back guarantee.

CopperZap Natural Cold Prevention


US shipping $4.95 for 1, FREE for 2 or more in 1 shipment. International Shipping. 90-day FULL money-back guarantee.

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"Best money I ever spent." Kristin, New Jersey

"You put that in your nose?!"

We know, we know. It's weird! 

But, seriously.  Who wants to get sick??

"Really, really works." Marilyn, Oregon

It doesn't hurt, it actually feels good.  It's easy to use.

It is shaped just right to reach the spot where viruses gather before spreading out.

"A great help in daily life." Dr. J., MD

The tip is shaped to reach into the groove in the bottom of the nostril.

The whole thing has an almost microscopic texture to increase surface area and touch more viruses for greatest effect.

"I was starting to get a cold so I used it and zap, no cold." Cynthia, Idaho

Insert very gently into your nose.  Push back past the hairs into the bottom of the inner cavity of the nostril.

Touch it very gently for about 60 seconds all around the bottom part of the inner cavity of the nostril, because that's where cold viruses gather before cold symptoms start.

One for each person is recommended so you can have it with you when you are out and about.

You should use it right away when you feel a cold about to start, or flu, or if people are coughing or sneezing around you.

If you wait till you get home, or can't find where someone else put it, the cold or flu viruses may have already spread too far to reach enough of them to stop the illness.

"No colds since I got it." Pete, FL

Copper can even stop flu that starts in the nose if used right away and for 2-3 days.

In a lab test, scientists placed 25 million live flu viruses on a CopperZap and found none still alive soon after.

"I am literally shocked how well it works." Sarah, Florida

Since it went on the market, thousands of users have simply stopped getting sick. 

Many have given it as gifts.

Pat McAllister called it "one of the best presents ever. This little jewel really works."

"We love it and are giving them as gifts to our family." Lisa, New York

The whole thing is pure copper, including the handle.  Whenever you touch it the copper kills germs you may have picked up on your fingers.

"I absolutely love my zapper." Kit, CO

People often use CopperZap on fingers and hands as well as in the nose, for prevention before cold signs appear.

This can help prevent illness when you travel, because on a plane or in any type of crowd you touch things that sick people may have touched, so you may pick up disease germs.  Copper can kill them.

"No more colds for me!" Julie, Physicians Assistant

Germs spread easily on airplanes, so people often get sick after air travel.  Use copper for protection.  The TSA allows CopperZaps on board.

"Sixteen flights and not a sniffle!" Karen Gauci, AZ

Most TSA agents have seen CopperZaps by now, but keep the Directions with you to help explain it to the few TSA agents who may not know what it is.

An agent told one lady, "I can see it is not a weapon."

"Oh, but yes it is a weapon!" she wrote.  "A weapon against germs!!"  She said her CopperZap has been "100% successful with usage as directed both in nose and topically on skin wounds."

Use it frequently all through the travel day on your hands and fingers, and once or twice in your nose, especially after you leave the airport at the other end, and even the next day in case germs linger on your clothes or luggage.

"Wonderful."  "Fantastic."  "Phenomenal."  "Marvelous."  "Fabulous."  "Amazing."  "Great, great, great." Words different customers have used about it

Frequent flyer Karen Gauci used to get colds nearly every time she traveled by air.  Even though she was skeptical, she tried it several times a day on travel days for 2 months.  “Sixteen flights and not a sniffle!” she declared.

"I'm incredibly impressed with your customer service." Ginny, Pennsylvania

One couple who often take flights all around Africa reported they used to get sick every time.  After they got CopperZaps and kept them with them, they completely avoided illness.

"My husband didn't want one at first.  Now he wants to use mine!  I'm getting him his own." Mary, CO

Teachers, nurses, therapists and others whose work puts them in contact with lots of other people are often exposed to illness.


Young children carry lots of germs and spread them fast to practically everything the teacher will touch during the workday.

Copper can protect anyone with high workplace exposure to germs.  Teachers, nurses, other health care workers, retail cashiers, therapists, day care and elderly care workers, and many others.

"Great for teachers who are around germs all the time." Jeanette, CO

Handle your CopperZap with both hands for a minute or so frequently through the workday and use it in your nose after you leave work.

When you touch the copper, a slight trace of copper atoms remains on your skin for half an hour or more, tests suggest.  The extended protection can help keep you from getting sick.

Rosaleen, mother of 3, says when people are sick around her she uses her CopperZap morning and night.  "It saved me last holidays," she said.  "The kids had colds going round and round, but not me."

CopperZap Natural Cold Prevention

CopperZap Natural Cold Prevention

Lasts forever.

Price $69.95 in US dollars.

US shipping $4.95 for 1.

Free shipping for 2 or more

90-day full money back guarantee.

CopperZap Natural Cold Prevention


US shipping $4.95 for 1, FREE for 2 or more in 1 shipment. International Shipping. 90-day FULL money-back guarantee.

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It is clear from the research and from thousands of reviews:  Copper can stop colds and flu before they start.

It might be weird.  But it works. 

Many people find it helps with sinus trouble, flu, cold sores, skin infections, and other ailments caused by viruses, bacteria, or fungus.

"It stopped my sinus infection and a cold." Mildred, Pennsylvania

Attorney Donna Blight had a 2-day sinus headache when she tried it.  “I am shocked!” she said.  "My head cleared, no more headache, no more congestion."

"My sinuses cleared up." Gayle, British Columbia

One man had suffered severe sinus problems for years.  The condition was so bad it ruined family vacations and even dinners out with friends.  His wife, Judy, bought two CopperZaps, one for each of them.

He was totally skeptical.  "Oh, Judy,” he said, “you’re such a whack job!"  But she got him to try it and, to his surprise, the copper cleared his sinuses fast.

Judy and their daughter both said, "It has changed our lives!"

Since then Judy has given CopperZaps as gifts to a number of relatives and friends.  She says they all say it works.

"I was born with sinus problems.  This is the only thing that has worked." Max, Connecticut

Another man ordered one and said it cleared his sinuses completely.  Then he let his wife borrow it.  She had suffered a persistent cough for a long time.

Her cough quickly got better when she used it, but then he had a problem.  She wouldn’t give it back!  He finally ordered another.

It doesn't work on all sinus problems, however.  Some sinus problems are caused by plant material associated with allergies.

Copper has little effect on plant material.  Copper kills viruses, bacteria, and fungus.  Those are the more common causes of sinus trouble.  They also cause a lot of congestion and stuffiness at night.

That's why many users say it has also stopped nighttime stuffiness.  One man said, "It has helped me sleep much better."

Betsy G. in Arizona said she uses it just before bed to keep her nose clear all night.  "I feel like I can breathe again," she said.

"Best sleep I've had in years." Anonymous, California

Philip in Madison, Wisconsin, said he used to have to wake up and use an inhaler before he could go back to sleep.  "It's great not to have to deal with that any more," he said.

"You have made my life better." Philip, Wisconsin

A number of people have also said they use it just before bed to keep from getting stuffed up in the night.  Charles Jones in Indiana, who used to wake up congested, said, "I tried it before bed time and woke up clear as a bell."

"Now I can breathe out of both nostrils. Woo-hoo!" Jacqualine, Michigan

A growing number of customers say it even stops cold sores on the lip, also known as fever blisters.  It works best, they say, if you use it right away at the first tingle.

Cold sores come from viruses in the lip.  Research suggests that skin absorbs a few copper atoms, especially the thin skin of the lip.  So when a tingle warns you a blister is about to erupt, you can fight back.

A number of cold sore sufferers say as soon as they feel a tingle in the lip that tells them a dreaded cold sore is coming, they immediately press the handle firmly on the tingly spot for 5 minutes and repeat several times over the next 24 hours.

"This baby really works on stopping cold sores." Jerry, CA

They say the tingle goes away and the cold sore either never erupts or is tiny and brief.

One young woman was ecstatic.  She had suffered intense embarrassment with cold sore outbreaks since she was a teenager.

"I have tried every product on the market over the past 20 years," she said.  "Some of them made it a little better, but this actually stopped it from happening in the first place!  I am amazed.  It has changed my life."

Tests suggest the thin skin of the lip absorbs a tiny bit of copper, which kills viruses gathering under the surface for the next eruption.  It seems to work on warts, too, which are also caused by viruses under the skin.

"I used to get cold sores a lot.  Now I don't." Mary, CO

Cold sores look terrible.  Cold and flu are ugly, too.  One tool for all three?  That's beautiful!

Tests indicate copper kills germs on fingers and hands, too.  The handle is curved to fit the hand and has a fine texture to improve contact.  It leaves a trace of copper on fingers for further protection for a short while after you handle it.

You can pick up antibiotic-resistant microbes on your fingers from touching things other people have touched.  If you have been around a sick person or been where sick people have been, like a doctor’s office or hospital, you may be at risk.

Handling a CopperZap is a first line of defense.

"This product is near and dear to my heart." Linda, North Carolina

Whenever you shake hands or touch public items, like doorknobs, railings, elevator buttons, chairs in a restaurant, or even money, you can pick up germs from many different people.

Handle a CopperZap for a moment or two.  The copper may keep dangerous infections away from you and your loved ones.  It might even save someone's life.

Research shows copper even kills dangerous germs, such as MRSA, that have become resistant to antibiotics.  Germs have not become resistant to copper, however, even after thousands of years of use.

You can press the copper handle on wounds, cuts, burns, and lesions to combat infection.  Ancient people thought copper actually healed wounds.

Now we know it kills infectious germs, which can prevent or stop infections and allow wounds to heal faster naturally.

"It is a God send!" Phyliss, PA

Although we have lots of reports on colds, with over 99% saying copper stops a cold if used early, we do not have enough reports on sinus trouble, nighttime stuffiness, cold sores, warts, flu, wounds, or lesions to know the percent success rates.

BBB Accredited Business - A+ Rating - Better Business Bureau

CopperZap LLC earned the highest rating, A+, by the Better Business Bureau.  The BBB said they have received zero complaints about the company since it started in 2012.

CopperZap is not a medical device.  It does not cure anything that we know of.  It cannot reach into the body and cure any illness you already have.

What copper can do is kill bacteria and viruses before they cause illness, by reaching them early, either in the nose, on the skin, or just under the skin.  It is natural illness prevention.

"For the first time, I've had no colds, flu, or sinus problems this year." Diane, Indiana

Copper kills E. coli, C. diff, VRE, Staph, and nearly 200 other pathogens.  It kills a growing number that have become immune to antibiotics, such as MRSA.

The Copper Development Association recently said researchers had not yet found any disease germ that copper doesn’t kill.  Superbugs and some other resistant germs have left the medical community with nothing else to stop them.

It can be cleaned usually with just a paper towel, a clean cloth, or an oil-free tissue.  If it is especially dirty or gets oil on it, like from lotion, then you can wash it with soap and warm water.  A film of oil could prevent the direct contact of the copper to the microbes.

"Super easy to use." Heather, Utah

It does not need to be sterilized.  The EPA calls copper "continuously self-sanitizing."

Polishing is not necessary.  The EPA says tarnish does not affect the antimicrobial power of copper.  You can restore a new appearance if you wish, however.  It takes about 60 seconds with a regular metal polish, or about 1 hour soaking in vinegar, to remove tarnish and restore the shine.

CopperZaps are made in the U.S. of pure copper.  Most copper products have other metals mixed in, but lab tests say pure copper works best.

"I love it." Terri, Ohio

CopperZap is better than a wire, pipe, stick or roller.  It is shaped to reach the right spot in the nostril, not the wrong spot that could cause harm.

The tip is shaped to reach deep into where viruses hide before they spread out and make you sick.  It has an almost microscopic texture to make its action faster and more complete.

The copper generally can stop most colds, flu, and cold sores before they start, and also ongoing sinus trouble, congestion, warts, skin infections, and infections in cuts, wounds, and lesions.

It may keep you healthy after air travel, being with sick people, being at hospital or doctor office, the gym, school, store, restaurant, party, etc.

CopperZap is better.  That’s why it got a patent, and sticks, rollers, wires, and pipes did not.

Over 60,000 sold.  Over 99% positive user feedback.

Go with the winner!

CopperZap Natural Cold Prevention

Lasts forever.

Price $69.95 in US dollars.

US shipping $4.95 for 1.

Free shipping for 2 or more

90-day full money back guarantee.

CopperZap Natural Cold Prevention


US shipping $4.95 for 1, FREE for 2 or more in 1 shipment. International Shipping. 90-day FULL money-back guarantee.

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"I recommend it to everyone." Pete, Florida

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