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His New Routine: Brush Your Teeth, Zap Your Nose

Teachers and personal trainers are among the groups regularly exposed to cold viruses and other pathogens. They constantly touch things many other people have touched.

A man I know in New York City is both a teacher and a personal trainer. His wife is also a teacher. They probably bring germs home with them practically every day.

So he has a new routine. Every morning and every night it’s the same. He calls it “Brush your teeth, CopperZap your nose.” He says he has not been sick once in the months he has been following this routine.

Frequent preventive use like this raises the question of too much copper in your system. From all the evidence we can find, very few people are at risk. The amount of copper absorbed in the body from each use is much less than normal healthy intake from food and a tiny fraction of the amounts considered possibly toxic.

The only people we think would be at risk are those who already have too much, or almost too much, copper in their system. They might be fitted with a copper IUD, or they might work in a copper milling faciity with poor dust control, or they might be using copper cookware or drinking from the hot water tap.

For such people a little more copper might bring on symptoms of copper toxicity. Such symptoms, listed in the CopperZap Directions, include: nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, dizziness, metallic taste, hair loss, yellow skin and eyes, and unusual weakness.

Because of the risk, the Directions set limits on the use of CopperZap. For most people, we believe these limits are very conservative. If you don’t have any of the symptoms of copper toxicity, it is probably ok to use CopperZap daily in a preventive manner if you watch out for the symptoms.

We urge you to stop using CopperZap immediately and consult a doctor if you experience such symptoms.