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Home Remedies for the Common Cold

Home Remedies for the Common Cold

While there are many home remedies out there purporting to help with

the common cold, research has shown copper to be a natural way to

stop a cold.

That is because copper is naturally antimicrobial.  Meaning microbes,

such as bacteria and viruses, cannot survive contact with copper.

In fact, because of the antimicrobial effect of copper, many hospitals

have begun using copper on touch surfaces to prevent the spread of


Copper has been used in ancient times and throughout history as a

sterilizing agent. Back then, they didn’t know the mechanism of how

copper kills microbes, but we now understand.

Stop the Common Cold Naturally

Recent studies demonstrate the “contact killing” effect metallic copper

has against bacteria, yeasts, and viruses.

Which is where Dr. Doug Cornell got the idea to put copper to the test

as a remedy for the common cold.

He fashioned a smooth copper probe and rubbed the copper surface

gently in his nose for 60 seconds when he felt a cold coming on.

To his surprise, the cold never came. Again and again, he would simply

rub the copper probe in his nose when he felt a cold coming–but no

cold ever came.

Dr. Cornell shared his copper device with friends and relatives. It

worked for them too–every time.

Users were reporting incredible results simply by rubbing the copper

device gently in their nose when they noticed beginning cold


Copper’s Contact Killing Ability

By rubbing copper inside of the lower nasal cavity, harmful

bacteria and viruses are killed before they can spread through the


Copper turns out to be a natural cold remedy, which makes sense.

Copper is, in fact, the only solid surface material to receive the

registration as antimicrobial by the Environmental Protection Agency


When copper is put in contact with the nasal passage where cold viruses start,

it kills microbes in seconds.

That’s because the conductivity of the copper causes a tiny electric

charge in the microbe cell to short-circuit, which destroys the cells of

viruses and bacteria.

CopperZap: the Natural Home Remedy for

the Common Cold

After witnessing the positive reports from hundreds of early users, Dr.

Cornell decided to patent his device and put it on the market.

Called the CopperZap™ after the microbe-killing mechanism, this

simple, pure copper probe has helped thousands of users completely

stop having colds.

Over 99% of users reporting say that they

prevent colds altogether when they use CopperZap at the first sign. Doug Cornell has not had a single cold since first developing the product 7 years ago.

CopperZap users report going years without a cold:

“I just don’t get colds anymore the last 5 years,” said Chris in Vermont.

“I always use my CopperZap at the first sign of a cold. The copper works every time,”

said Allison, a nurse who first tried it 5 years ago.

Stop the Flu Before it Starts

Not only have CopperZap users found they can prevent colds, but they

even report stopping the flu as well.

One user,

Judy Kirk in Oklahoma bought 12 CopperZaps for herself and a bunch of

friends: “Some were skeptical, but no one has had a cold or flu since.”

Another CopperZap user, Diane, a Nurse in Kansas, said, “I felt the flu starting, feeling

achy and all. I used it 2 or 3 times that night and woke up feeling great.”

Research has shown the antimicrobial power of copper for killing harmful bacteria and

viruses on contact. Now, you can put this natural solution to use for you and loved ones

preventing colds and the flu.

Other Reported Benefits of CopperZap

Many who have used CopperZap have reported other benefits in addition to stopping the

cold and flu:

Mary Pickrell in Colorado said, “It opened my sinus right up. It clears my congestion. No

colds since I got it.”

Elaine in Maryland said, “I’ve had sinus problems most of my life. I felt better right


“I used it in the night and then I could breathe through my nose and sleep the rest of the

night,” reported Angie in California.

Users of CopperZap say they have stopped cold sores, sinus trouble, nighttime stuffiness,

and illness following air travel.

In addition, the CopperZap can also be applied to wounds, cuts, and abrasions to fight


Why Not Just Rely on Antibiotics?

We’ve all been there. You have a bad cold intervening with your ability to work, care for

your family, and enjoy life. So you go to your doctor.

They prescribe antibiotics to fight the cold. The problem is that antibiotics kill bacteria

but not viruses or fungus. Plus, germs develop resistance to antibiotics.

Not so with copper. Copper kills bacteria, viruses, and fungus, and, even after thousands

of years, copper remains just as lethal to harmful microbes. No microbe has ever developed resistance to copper.

By using copper for its contact killing ability, you can shut down the cold right when it is

starting. CopperZap is the all-natural with no adverse side effects solution to stop colds and flu before they start.

A Great Option for Medical Workers

CopperZap is an especially useful product for nurses, nurse practitioners, physician’s

assistants, doctors, and anyone working in hospital settings.

Medical professionals are exposed to sharply higher levels of potentially harmful and

even deadly bacteria and viruses every time they show up to work.

For this reason, it is not uncommon for medical personnel to get sick more often. What a

relief it would be to effectively stop colds from occurring naturally. That is exactly what

hundreds of medical professional CopperZap users have reported:

Physician’s Assistant, Julie, wrote, “Now I have this little magic wand, no more colds for


Nursing Student, Allison, wrote: “The idea of sticking copper in my nose seemed weird at

first, but I was getting a cold so I tried it and it worked . . . I never got the full cold! Now

I always use copper in my nose at the first sign of a cold, and it works every time.”

Another user, Judy in Oklahoma, wrote: “My group of 12 includes 2 pharmacists, a

doctor, a teacher and friends who all know each other. Some of them were skeptical but

got it because I haven’t gotten sick. No one got cold or flu since we got them. We are

exposed to a lot. Schools are full of flu, strep, colds, and flu are all going around at once.

A wonderful thing about CopperZap is you don’t ever have to buy another.”

Amazing Results for Frequent Travelers

As anyone who travels regularly knows, flying and traveling in general often leads to

getting sick. Yet, with CopperZap, frequent flyers are finding they can prevent the cold

and even the flu with this product:

L.B. from Montana wrote: “Bought one a while back for my son. He was extremely

skeptical but probably saved from 2 to 3 colds by now. He travels and used to get colds

very hard and be miserable for over a week.”

A frequent flyer, Karen, reported, “2-year CopperZap use–not a single cold since the day I

picked up 2.”

Wherever you work or spend your time, what an incredible gift to put an end to colds

altogether. Just like these travelers and countless other users, you can–with copper!

So, Can the CopperZap Really Stop the Cold?

When folks hear about the CopperZap, they are usually quite skeptical. How can

touching copper around in my nostrils with copper possibly have any effect on my cold? A

fantastic question.

First, the science behind the interaction has demonstrated the antimicrobial power of

copper to kill germs on contact. The National Institutes of Health says, “The

antimicrobial activity of copper is now well established.”

Second, with over 22,000 30,000 CopperZaps sold, over 99% of users reporting have reported completely

stopping colds–many for years running. It really works!

Of the few who take advantage of our money-back guarantee (less than 1%), some clearly

have not followed the directions correctly based on what they report. Unfortunately, for a

small fraction, about ¼ of 1%, the CopperZap does not work for them.

The best way to resolve your skepticism? Try it yourself. CopperZap LLC guarantees

their product will stop colds when used according to the instructions. If it doesn’t work

for you, you can return it for a full refund. including shipping costs.

Try the CopperZap for Yourself

The CopperZap Natural Cold Prevention can be purchased online for $69.95. Once you

have a CopperZap of your own, it will last a lifetime.

Every CopperZap is made with 100% pure copper as research indicates pure copper

works best for antimicrobial use.

By following the directions included in your purchase of a CopperZap or found online,

you can effectively prevent colds.

Plus, like many users report, you may find improvement in a variety of ways including

preventing the flu, improving sinuses problems, sleeping better, improving warts,

wounds, cuts, and burns, among other benefits.

Judith in Minnesota wrote: “My family laughed at me at first, but then they tried


and none of them has had a cold all winter. They work! My family is so happy with

them. So I am ordering 3 more for their families.”

Visit CopperZap.com or call 1-888-411-6114 to order a CopperZap for yourself or for

your loved ones today. Science confirms, copper zaps germs!