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I Am Walking Proof

A New Yorker says:

“I am usually not one to give testimonials, mainly because I am wary of false advertising. Who knows if a business peddling a product is fabricating quotes to make themselves look good? However, since purchasing your product and trying it out for several months I am walking proof that the CopperZap accomplishes what it claims. It is in only my best interest that I help spread the word about it! I live in probably one of the dirtiest, grimiest and most germ-ridden cities in America – New York City. It’s so easy to get sick here several times a year. People in my lines of work (teaching pre-school and waiting tables) are particularly prone to germs. Recently I traveled to Latin America with a touring group and there was a “bug” going around. Many fell victim, but not me! Even after multiple airplane flights, which are notorious places for catching cold, I am feeling well. My advice to anyone reading this: join the movement of wellness. Being sick sucks. Not only for you, obviously, but also for those around you. Do it! Oh and one more thing I never trust about testimonials is people who sign “Anonymous” or “Mike S.” (for example). My name is Jeb Colwell. I’m a real person who paid for the CopperZap. I’m on Facebook if you have any questions.”

Jeb Colwell, July 2014