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It Was Bound To Happen – Someone Says It Didn’t Work For Her

February 25, 2014
Last night we got our first report that copper did not completely stop a cold even when used right after the first sign.

Up till now, every single report we got from the many users we asked said they believe solid copper stopped a cold completely if used within 4 hours of the first sign. If used within 48 hours, all reports so far say it mitigated the cold compared to what they have experienced in the past.

We knew it was just a matter of time, however, until we found an exception. Nothing works 100%.

Nevertheless, we wish it had worked completely for the woman we spoke with last night so she could have avoided the suffering. She used CopperZap strictly according to the directions. She even used it in advance because her husband had a cold, and again several times shortly after her first signs appeared. She got the cold anyway, so she is our first exception. She did say the cold was several days shorter than previous colds she has had, so it was not a total exception.

She said one reason it didn’t work as well as hoped may be that her nose is not normal. It seems to have an extra passageway to her throat. She has constant nasal drip even when she is otherwise healthy. She has other health abnormalities, too. She tried a cosmetic that was supposed to be non-allergenic for 99 out of 100 people. She says she must be in the unlucky 1 in 100, because she had a strong allergic reaction.

Every body is different. We know there are wide variations in the internal shape of the nose from one person to another, and sometimes even from one nostril to the other in the same person. We think in rare cases there may be a significant place in a nostril that CopperZap can’t reach. Such a place could be a safe haven for viruses.

Fortunately, most people do not seem to have that problem. In fact, this unfortunate woman’s experience is like the exception that proves the rule. She is the only one so far who got little benefit even with use of solid copper in the first few hours. We are sorry.

We offer a full cash refund for anyone who is not satisfied, regardless of the reason. In this case, however, it is shared with her husband, and he says it did work for him. He wants to keep it.

We wish it worked for everyone. In fact, we wish it cured cancer and every other other illness, too. It just doesn’t.

But we know that solid copper does benefit the great majority of those who use it. We look forward enthusiastically to helping millions of people. But we know realistically we can’t help everyone.