It Works Again! - CopperZap

It Works Again!

Penny Crosby just sent us a second testimonial:

This product is amazing, once again it saved me from getting sick. Copper zap works far better than any product I have ever tried including the flu shot. I work as a Personal Care Giver. I can’t afford to get sick, and that was nearly impossible to avoid until I tried this product. I started feeling flu like symptoms head ache, body ache, sore throat. I used my Copper Zap. Twelve hours later I felt as good as new. I was so worried I was going to have to miss work, which I can’t afford to do, I have people that depend on me and thanks to Copper Zap they can. This is a must have product. Everyone must have one. IT WORKS.
Thank you
Sincerely Penny Crosby

She followed up with another email saying “it’s a great product we support it 100%. I’m so grateful to have one it has saved me from getting sick more than once.”

Thanks, Penny!