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Julie’s “Little Magic Wand. No More Colds For Me!”

March 10, 2014
All our testimonials are real. We do not pay for them, make them up, or tell people what to say.

So we were delighted at the message we received today with a repeat order from a doctor’s office:

“…more Copper Zap’s please.

I have recently used one myself and it is amazing! I woke up feeling horrible and snuffly. Coughing and spluttering, the whole sick lot. The first time I used the Copper Zap my nasal passages cleared up! I thought to myself, OK that was a fluke. Used it 2 more times during the day and felt better and better each time. Woke up the next morning feeling fantastic!!!
What a wonderful thing that Copper Zap is. In the past, when I would get a cold, I would be down for days. Now I have this little magic wand. No more colds for me!!! 🙂“
Julie, Office Manager/Physicians Assistant (We asked her permission and how she wanted her name and occupation to appear, if at all, as we do with all our testimonials.)