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Skepticism About Copper Is Natural

I just reread this piece I wrote over 2 year ago about why people are skeptical that copper kills germs. It is still true today.

There are many claims about copper that have no scientific support. This one claim, that copper kills germs, has massive scientific support. Just look up “antimicrobial properties of copper” and you will find hundreds of studies showing copper kills bacteria and viruses quickly on direct physical contact.

Yet the public is almost entirely unaware. And skeptical. With all the unsupported claims, it is natural for people to be dubious about the one supported claim. Some people are coming around, including those involved in testing copper touch surfaces in hospitals to reduce hospital-acquired infections, and including those who try CopperZap for preventing colds.

Unfortunately, the skepticism still keeps most people from using copper to avoid infectious illness. So they get sick, and they pass the illness along to others who also get sick, and so on and so on.

It is so unnecessary. A little knowledge could greatly reduce the spread of infectious illness and improve people’s lives, perhaps even save lives.

This little knowledge is slowly spreading. Very slowly.