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Skepticism Makes Him Sick

This morning I ran into a friend who works in the same building. He is sick as a dog.

He said he sat next a woman with a bad cold on a flight home Friday, and today, Monday, he’s got the cold. He’s all stuffed up and red-eyed and feeling terrible. He is a very hard worker, so he came to work anyway and is miserable.

I have been telling him about CopperZap for months. He has been skeptical and has not taken the time to look at the research. I don’t blame him. Everybody is skeptical at first, except people who already know about the research on copper. But I just wish he had been willing to try it. I bet he could have easily prevented the cold.

You could say his skepticism made him sick. When he feels better I plan to try to get him to check out the research. There is no reason he should ever have to go through this again.