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Stopped The Cold In 2 Hours

An IT expert told me yesterday he finally had occasion to use his CopperZap that he got a couple of months ago. Last week he felt a cold coming on – a tickle in the nose, a “sneezy feeling”, and some congestion.

He rubbed CopperZap for 60 seconds in each nostril. This was about two and a half hours after he felt the first symptoms. Another one to two hours later the signs of a cold were completely gone, no more congestion, sneezy feeling, or tickle. He says he has felt fine ever since.

This is just one more of many reports we get of people stopping a cold completely if they get to it in the first few hours after they notice any signs. We also get reports of people who waited more than four hours and did not stop the cold but did reduce its severity and duration. The sooner they got to it, the milder the cold.

We are also hearing more reports of people using CopperZap preventively, meaning before they have any signs of a cold. These are people who have some reason to believe they have been exposed to cold germs or other pathogens and want to protect themselves.

The people telling us about preventive use believe it works, especially when others around them get sick and they don’t.