Doug Cornell started working on CopperZap in 2012. He came up with the idea after he discovered he could stop a cold just by briefly touching copper in his nose. He searched online and discovered tons of research confirming copper kills germs just by touch. Doug is an investor and investment manager, but his background includes product innovation. In the 1980s he developed and patented a unique solar water heater which was chosen as the best in the world at the 1984 World’s Fair. Since 2012, in his spare time, Doug asked a number of volunteers to try copper at the first sign of a cold. All reported a similar experience to his own. So he developed a manufacturing process and hired great people to do most of the manufacturing and sales work. Doug has a BA from Yale University and a PhD from University of Michigan.
Jen Rickard handles shows, sales and shipping and does many administrative tasks, all with infectious good humor. She has also stopped a couple of colds herself with copper. Jen brings enthusiasm and creativity to the company. Prior to CopperZap, she worked mainly in non-profits and education. She became especially interested in viruses when she read “The Hot Zone” by Richard Preston.
Eddie Davenport runs the manufacturing process, which he helped design and improve in many ways. He is a remarkable craftsman, amazingly resourceful and thoughtful, and dedicated to the highest quality. He is the guy who makes sure each CopperZap is smooth and has the correct ergonomic and aesthetic shape. Eddie served in Gulf One as a United States Marine, working in a highly technical specialty.
Whitney Martin has given the company special help as model and spokesperson, wth great patience and presence in front of the camera.
Chris Crosby runs New Media Makers, which does web development for CopperZap. He is smart and hard-working, and a great help to the company. In case of website issues, we immediately text, call or email him. Sometimes all three, poor guy!

Many others have contributed:
Mark Harris, Ryan Harris, and Amy Harris have been super helpful in many ways, with office space, business setup, and research work, and advice.
Betsy Gilbert and Emily Polis provide great reception work and help Mark Harris and The Intelligent Office provide us with excellent office services.
Quan Nguyen of Nguyen & Tarbet, LLC, has been a great help with patent and intellectual property work.
Don Theriault, President of Industrial Tool, Die & Engineering, Inc., an aerospace manufacturer, has given valuable information, advice, and help, plus high quality die production. In metal work, Don is one of the most knowledgeable people around.
Carlos Ruiz, President of HT Metals, has been hugely helpful with his knowledge and with specialized pre-production work.
John Stobie, DFM Solutions, machined an early prototype and gave valuable consultation on manufacturing setup and operations.
Lee Shadbolt, Shadbolt Corporation, provided early technical advice and CAD modelling.
Doug Compton of TDS Computers has been a great help with IT setup and technical issues.
Brian Duddles and Jim Lyon helped enormously with art work.
Sterility Assurance Laboratories has been very helpful with research and testing.
We thank the many experimental users and customers who have given us valuable feedback.
Many others have helped in many ways. We are grateful to all.