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CopperZap® Status Update 2-24-2021

We are very sorry to say we have had to suspend our efforts to overcome regulatory hurdles that prevent us from continuing to market or sell CopperZaps.

We have determined that to overcome the hurdles would require millions of dollars and years of work, with no assurance of success.

Such an undertaking is beyond our abilities.  After much investigation and consultation, we have found no practical alternative. 

As a result, the product will not be available any time in the foreseeable future, perhaps ever.  To the thousands of people who have asked about it, we wish to express our deep regret.

Even though we must discontinue, we are proud of what we accomplished.  We are proud of the amazing flood of positive comments, including from many people who started out totally skeptical.  We are proud of our team of great employees who overcame tough manufacturing challenges and set a high standard in customer service.  We are proud of a long perfect record with the Better Business Bureau.  We are proud if we have helped people.

We will stay available by email for a while longer and attempt to answer any further comments or questions, but we are down to one employee, part-time, so we may not be able to respond quickly or at all.  If by some chance our product gets revived, we will try to let you know.

We greatly appreciate the tremendous interest and encouragement from so many people.  We wish you all good health and prosperity.

Best regards,

Doug Cornell, President and Owner

CopperZap LLC