How to Stop a Cold Completely

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Nearly 100% of users who have given feedback said they stopped a cold quickly and completely if they used CopperZap within 3-4 hours of the first sign a cold was coming on.
This is because copper kills bacteria and viruses on contact. Scientists at the EPA, NIH, and hospitals and universities around the world have demonstrated that copper is antimicrobial.Screenshot_2014-11-05-14-22-24~2

Many users also say they stopped flu, sinus headache, and congestion.
Travelers say they avoided getting sick if they touched CopperZap frequently with their hands during their trip.
CopperZap is made of pure copper to kill germs in the nose and on the skin. It is a natural sanitizer.
In an office where CopperZap is widely used, no one has had a cold in over a year if they used it soon enough. Those who used it late but within 48 hours after the first sign of a cold say they at least lessened the cold, if not stopped it completely.
Scientific research since 2002 has finally explained why copper has worked for thousands of years to purify water and disinfect wounds. It turns out copper was killing bacteria and viruses long before people even knew about germs.
Experiments since 2012 indicate copper can also stop a cold. Just gently rub the smooth copper tip in your nose for 60 seconds at the first sign, such as a tickle in the nose, a scratchy throat, or sinus pressure.
In 2014 CopperZap™ received a patent as “new and useful” for killing cold and flu viruses and other germs in the nose and on the skin of your hands and face.
It is also designed to kill MRSA and many other disease germs that you might get on your fingers or in your nose.
Why is it called CopperZap? Because copper zaps germs. Scientists believe copper’s superior ability to conduct electricity affects the germ cell upon touching it. The membrane around the cell has a tiny electrical differential between outside and inside.
Copper disrupts this delicate electrical balance and instantly pops holes in the membrane. This zapping is so tiny a person doesn’t notice, but it kills the germ.
The effect is so fast and complete that hospitals are starting to replace “touch surfaces”, like doorknobs, faucets, and bedrails, with copper. They say it reduces hospital-acquired infections by more than 50%.
CopperZap™ has a smooth tip you rub gently in your nose. CZ-Near-Nose-300dpi-300x169-lo-res
The handle is contoured to increase the touch area for your fingers and hands. This is in case you have picked up dangerous germs from shaking hands or touching things other people have touched, like money, doorknobs, railings, elevator buttons, chairs in a restaurant, etc.
Copper has been shown to kill E. coli, C. diff, VRE, Staph, and over 100 other pathogens, including ones that are resistant to antibiotics. In 2014 the Copper Development Association said researchers had not found any germ yet that copper doesn’t kill.
Some products claim to shorten a cold. Copper may be the only one that can actually stop a cold in its tracks and keep you from suffering the symptoms. At the same time it can reduce your risk from touching a contaminated surface and help you avoid passing dangerous germs to your family and friends.
Copper occurs naturally in many foods and is required for healthy tissue, so it is safe to absorb trace amounts in the body. Please read and follow the directions anyway.
copper-new-gold It’s not a pill, it won’t make you drowsy, and you can drive all the heavy machinery you want.
We do not recommend sharing your CopperZap. It is for personal use, like a toothbrush. Although the EPA says copper is “continuously self-sanitizing”, any oil or dirt might protect a germ riding on it. Also, germs on one person’s fingers might get on the place the CopperZap is stored and be picked up by another person. Couples probably share most of their germs anyway, but we prefer caution.
Good for people. Bad for germs. Buy once, use forever. Never wears out.
Tarnish does not reduce copper’s effect, according to the EPA. But if you prefer the untarnished appearance, it only takes about 30 seconds with a regular metal polish to shine it right up.
Use only as directed. Directions come with each CopperZap™.
Patent granted 2014 by the US Patent Office as “new and useful”. Additional patent pending. Made in USA.
The story of how CopperZap came to be.

The science behind CopperZap.