What is natural cold prevention?

By Doug Cornell | October 28, 2018

Many remedies have been tried for centuries to prevent colds naturally, everything from garlic to Echinacea tea to zinc tablets.  These are natural, so they don’t carry the risks many unnatural remedies do. The only problem is, none of them work well enough.  Read more…

Refuse to Participate!

By Doug Cornell | October 28, 2018

“Cold and Flu Season is Coming.  We Copper Zappers Refuse to Participate!” Copper is natural cold prevention and natural flu prevention.

Turns out CopperZap is not just for colds and flu

By Doug Cornell | October 28, 2018

When we started six years ago, we thought CopperZap was just for colds and flu. Boy were we wrong. Almost immediately we started hearing from customers that it could help with flu, sinus trouble, congestion, and cold sores.  Not everybody, Read more…

Back to blogging

By Doug Cornell | October 28, 2018

I haven’t blogged in a while, but people say I should get back to it. We have been very busy.  We are up to over 17,000 CopperZaps sold.  Word of mouth is increasing, and more past customers are reordering for Read more…

Skepticism about copper is natural

By Doug Cornell | April 10, 2016

   I just reread this piece I wrote over 2 year ago about why people are skeptical that copper kills germs.  It is still true today.    There are many claims about copper that have no scientific support.  This one Read more…

Sleeping Better Without Stuffiness

By Doug Cornell | April 2, 2016

A gentleman who did not want to be identified publicly recently ordered a CopperZap.  He said he wanted to try it out and if it worked he would order one for his daughter.  He called a week or so later Read more…

16 flights … not even a sniffle

By Doug Cornell | March 20, 2016

A frequent flyer says: “Traveled to NY and Florida in November. Two week cold upon return. Traveled to NY and PA in December. 2 week cold. Read about CopperZap and though skeptical, send Doug an email. Picked up CopperZap from Read more…

I am walking proof

By Doug Cornell | March 20, 2016

A New Yorker says: “I am usually not one to give testimonials, mainly because I am wary of false advertising. Who knows if a business peddling a product is fabricating quotes to make themselves look good? However, since purchasing your Read more…

This is so cool

By Doug Cornell | March 20, 2016

Just came across an earlier email I had overlooked: “We just got ours in the mail. I have had a freakin headache for the past two days. Mainly from the pressure from my congested sinuses. Totally blocked and sounded like Read more…

Early Adopters Wanted

By Doug Cornell | December 4, 2014

Post by Jennifer Rickard   I have been completely mystified that CopperZaps are not flying off the shelves. I couldn’t understand why something so cutting-edge and more importantly something that is easy and works so well meets with such skepticism. Read more…