Skepticism about copper is natural

   I just reread this piece I wrote over 2 year ago about why people are skeptical that copper kills germs.  It is still true today.    There are many claims about copper that have no scientific support.  This one claim, that copper kills germs, has massive scientific support.  Just look up “antimicrobial properties of […]

Sleeping Better Without Stuffiness

A gentleman who did not want to be identified publicly recently ordered a CopperZap.  He said he wanted to try it out and if it worked he would order one for his daughter.  He called a week or so later and said he had used it several nights before bed, because night time stuffiness often […]

16 flights … not even a sniffle

A frequent flyer says: “Traveled to NY and Florida in November. Two week cold upon return. Traveled to NY and PA in December. 2 week cold. Read about CopperZap and though skeptical, send Doug an email. Picked up CopperZap from Doug 2 days before next business trip. On 16 flights from January 11 to today, […]

I am walking proof

A New Yorker says: “I am usually not one to give testimonials, mainly because I am wary of false advertising. Who knows if a business peddling a product is fabricating quotes to make themselves look good? However, since purchasing your product and trying it out for several months I am walking proof that the CopperZap […]

This is so cool

Just came across an earlier email I had overlooked: “We just got ours in the mail. I have had a freakin headache for the past two days. Mainly from the pressure from my congested sinuses. Totally blocked and sounded like I was talking with my nose plugged. Finally I get desperate and pull this thing […]

Early Adopters Wanted

Post by Jennifer Rickard   I have been completely mystified that CopperZaps are not flying off the shelves. I couldn’t understand why something so cutting-edge and more importantly something that is easy and works so well meets with such skepticism.   Until I remembered a class I took in grad school that taught me about […]

Copper Against Ebola? It’s Well Worth a Try

Post by Jennifer Rickard   I keep an eye out for articles and news on copper and its germ-fighting capabilities. I was pleased to come across an article featuring Bill Keevil in Science Daily dated October 30, 2014.   I’ve begun to think of him as a friend, the way I do when I see […]

It works again!

Penny Crosby just sent us a second testimonial:   This product is amazing, once again it saved me from getting sick. Copper zap works far better than any product I have ever tried including the flu shot. I work as a Personal Care Giver. I can’t afford to get sick, and that was nearly impossible […]

CopperZapped water may have stopped the flu

Yesterday morning I felt a headache, a tickle in my nose, and a tickle in my throat that made me cough. In the past, those have been signs I am getting the flu.   I immediately started using my CopperZap in my nose, which reduced the tickle there but did not affect the tickle in […]

This cold season, we CopperZap users REFUSE TO PARTICIPATE!

Reminder to CopperZap owners: Cold and Flu Season is here again, but we CopperZap users REFUSE TO PARTICIPATE! I hope you had a great summer and didn’t need your CopperZap, but it might be time to dig it out again and keep it with you. Reminder about COLDS: At the very first sign of a […]

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