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I got a CopperZap 3 days ago.  It helped with my sinus, cleared it right up. The stuff the doctor gave me didn’t do that. My wife had a tremendous dry cough for a long time. She could not find anything to stop it, now it is almost completely gone. I want 3 more one for my daughter and one for my son-in-law, they both have sinus trouble. And one for me.


Walter, Alaska

My husband had sinus problems for years for about six months every year. It was so bad we could not go out to dinner or have a pleasant vacation. He had scheduled surgery. I bought CopperZaps and gave him one. He said, “Oh, Judy, you’re such a whack job!” But he tried it and it changed our lives. It completely stops the problem. We can go out to dinner and have a great time on vacation. And he cancelled the surgery. (Judy bought one for her daughter, who called and also said it has changed her parents’ lives.)


 Judy, Montana

We love it.  It has stopped colds for me and my wife.


 Martin, Idaho

The end of Feb I had 2 mild sore throats. I use the Copperzap and with in an hour or so. My sore throat was gone. Then I felt an itch on my upper lip and put my finger there and oh! No! A fever blister was starting.  I waited an hour because I was on the phone with my son. Then I put the Copperzap on it for 5 minutes then every three hours for 5 minutes. The next morning I did get a tiny little blister. It was completely gone in 3 days instead of 8-10 days. I put lipstick on and nobody knew. I never had one gone in 3 days. I was totally amazed. (Note: Reports from several people suggest if you use it on a cold sore or fever blister right away it can stop it completely versus waiting an hour.)


 Marjorie, WI

I bought one a while back for my son. He travels and he gets colds very hard for more than a week. When I gave it to him he said Mom, I am extremely skeptical. Now he says it has saved him from 2 colds, maybe 3.


 LB, Helena MT

I have been getting cold sores for 20 years. CopperZap works on colds for me so I decided to try it on cold sores. Next time I felt a tingle in my lip and knew a cold sore was coming, I pressed the wide part of the handle against the tingly spot for 5 minutes and did it again the next morning and the next night. The first time the tingle tapered off right away, but I still felt a little the next morning and I could see little bumps.  Used it again, the tingle tapered to zero by afternoon, did it one more time for good measure. I tried every product on the market over 20 years. Some helped a little, but this stopped it from happening in the first place. I was amazed. I am so excited, because I absolutely hate ugly cold sores!


 Rosaleen, business owner


I ordered 3 before Christmas.  My family laughed at me at first, but then they tried them and none of them has had a cold all winter. They work! My family is so happy with them. So I am ordering 3 more for their families.

 orderedJudith “Brownie” Gruidl, Minnesota

I love it! It has stopped colds for me.


 Diane, Mesa AZ

If I use it before bed I sleep better. I don’t wake up with a stuffy nose.


 Frank Bedard, Tucson AZ


Wow! Talk about speedy service! The product arrived today as advertised, intact and in an exceptionally timely manner. Five-star customer service. Thank you.

ow! Ellie S., Pennsylvania

Thanks, Doug. You are worth your weight in gold at today’s prices. Viruses are continuing to hit Las Vegas so I hope the people here will read your ad and buy this product.


 Vivian, Las Vegas

I had a sore throat, used the CopperZap, the sore throat went away and did not turn into a cold. I am buying more for my kids.


 Margaret, Bloomington MN

CopperZap saved me last holidays.   The kids had colds going round and round, but not me.  I never got sick.


 Rosaleen, business owner

I was a true skeptic about this product.  I really didn’t believe that copper had such a powerful and near instant effect.  After a friend insisted (a third time) to try CopperZap, I caved, and to my surprise, it really does work.  I generally try products that are the least invasive to the body, and this one is super easy to use and you can feel it work moments after using it in the nostrils.  It’s far more powerful than what I had expected.  Just surprised that more people don’t know about it.  This one is a winner!  Perfect for traveling, too.  Finally!

(On the phone, Kari called it “a powerful tool.”  She has experience in marketing and said she thought it should be priced much higher.)


 Kari, Connecticut

A gentleman recently ordered a CopperZap.  He said he wanted to try it out and if it worked he would order one for his daughter.  He called a week or so later and said he had used it several nights before bed, because night time stuffiness often disturbed his sleep.  “It  works,” he said, “It’s the best sleep I’ve had in years!”  He ordered one to be sent to his daughter as a gift.


 A gentleman who did not want to be identified publicly

Traveled to NY and Florida in November. Two week cold upon return. Traveled to NY and PA in December. 2 week cold. Read about CopperZap and though skeptical, send Doug an email. Picked up CopperZap from Doug 2 days before next business trip. On 16 flights from January 11 to today, March 17. Used CopperZap every day whether flying or not. When traveling, 4 or 5 times per day. Not even a sniffle since January 11! And I think my seasonal Arizona spring allergies are actually not quite as bad. I am so grateful for this product! My health in general and when traveling in particular have been transformed! AND I am a total believer!


Karen Gauci, 3-17-16

 Karen Gauci, Media Operations Consultant, Tucson AZ

I am usually not one to give testimonials, mainly because I am wary of false advertising. Who knows if a business peddling a product is fabricating quotes to make themselves look good? However, since purchasing your product and trying it out for several months I am walking proof that the CopperZap accomplishes what it claims. It is in only my best interest that I help spread the word about it! I live in probably one of the dirtiest, grimiest and most germ-ridden cities in America – New York City. It’s so easy to get sick here several times a year. People in my lines of work (teaching pre-school and waiting tables) are particularly prone to germs. Recently I traveled to Latin America with a touring group and there was a “bug” going around. Many fell victim, but not me! Even after multiple airplane flights, which are notorious places for catching cold, I am feeling well. My advice to anyone reading this: join the movement of wellness. Being sick sucks. Not only for you, obviously, but also for those around you. Do it! Oh and one more thing I never trust about testimonials is people who sign “Anonymous” or “Mike S.” (for example). My name is Jeb Colwell. I’m a real person who paid for the CopperZap. I’m on Facebook if you have any questions.


 Jeb Colwell, New York City


“We just got our CopperZap in the mail. I have had a freakin headache for the past two days. Mainly from the pressure from my congested sinuses. Totally blocked and sounded like I was talking with my nose plugged. Finally, football 1/2 time I get desperate and pull this thing out and use it. Within minutes, my head cleared and all the junk in my nose and throat moved (I’ll put it delicately). I am shocked, no more headache, no more congestion. You can use this up to 4 times per day. This is so cool. I don’t normally buy into this stuff, but once you read about it and then use it you will be amazed.”


Donna Blight

 Donna Blight, Attorney

 “Everyone else in my family got a cold, but not me, I used the CopperZap.”



Nick, Financial Adviser


Penny Crosby just sent us a second review:

“This product is amazing, once again it saved me from getting sick. Copper zap works far better than any product I have ever tried including the flu shot. I work as a Personal Care Giver I can’t afford to get sick, and that was nearly impossible to avoid until I tried this product. I started feeling flu like symptoms head ache, body ache, sore throat. I used my Copper Zap. Twelve hours later I felt as good as new. I was so worried I was going to have to miss work, which I can’t afford to do, I have people that depend on me and thanks to Copper Zap they can. This is a must have product. Everyone must have one. IT WORKS.
Thank you


Sincerely Penny Crosby”


She followed up with another email saying “It’s a great product, we support it 100%. I’m so grateful to have one. It has saved me from getting sick more than once.”

Penny Crosby, Personal Care Giver


A doctor’s office just placed a repeat order for CopperZaps with the following message:

“… more Copper Zap’s please.”


“I have recently used one myself and it is amazing! I woke up feeling horrible and snuffly. Coughing and spluttering, the whole sick lot. The first time I used the Copper Zap my nasal passages cleared up! I thought to myself, OK that was a fluke. Used it 2 more times during the day and felt better and better each time. Woke up the next morning feeling fantastic!!!

What a wonderful thing that Copper Zap is. In the past, when I would get a cold, I would be down for days. Now I have this little magic wand.
No more colds for me!!! :-)”
Julie, Office Manager/Physician Assistant


“I received the CopperZap as a Christmas gift..since I’m 70 years old I think this is going to be one of the best presents I have ever received. I have not had a cold so far this year..I have used it at the first sign of a sniffle and as a preventative measure after being around co-workers that have colds. This little jewel really works and for those of you that don’t want to stick something up your nose, it absolutely does not hurt and is worth every second of use versus a week or more suffering from a cold/flu. Thank you for inventing this wonderful little preventative heath care tool.”

(The above was originally posted in the Blog with Pat’s full name. We asked her if she wanted her full name to appear and if we could use her comment as a review and mention her name and occupation. Below is what she wrote back.)
“By all means go ahead…..I am actually 70 years old and retired, but am working a temp job at the moment as a floor manager for the Vt Hay Company. And to add to my testimonial of the great power of the copperZap. This past week, my husband has had a full blown cold (refused to use the copperzap), and all my co-workers at the warehouse have had colds and or coughs and sniffles and I haven’t a sign yet. I used the copperzap once a day as a preventative measure. I have been spreading the word and not the sniffles. Thank you.”
Pat McAllister
Pat McAllister, Floor Manager, VT Hay Company

 “I felt a tickle in my nose and a sneezy feeling and congestion so I tried CopperZap. I used it about two and a half hours after I noticed. About an hour or two later all signs were gone and I didn’t get the cold.”


Doug Compton

Doug Compton, TDS Computer


“Yesterday I woke up feeling a cold coming on.I did the CopperZap four times during the morning, once an hour.I felt completely fine, but that night I started feeling congestion.I had already done the CopperZap as many times as the directions say you can, so I didn’t use it again until today.This morning I was totally congested.I felt like I couldn’t breathe. So I did the CopperZap again. As soon as I used it the congestion went away and I feel fine.It is truly a miracle.I completely swear by CopperZap.It is the only thing I go by any more.I mean it.”


Emily P.

Emily P.


“I felt better almost immediately. Is it supposed to work that fast? I just felt better right away.”


L.F., California

L.F., California

“Whenever I have congestion in my nose and I use CopperZap, the congestion clears up in an instant.I feel like I can breathe again.My husband says the same thing.”


Betsy G

Betsy G, Receptionist


“I used CopperZap as soon as I felt a scratching in my throat, like I was coming down with a cold. I used it for the next 2 days and my symptoms went away. It’s been 2 months and I haven’t been sick.

I have allergies to Zinc and other metals. I have no bad reactions using CopperZap.

Working in the healthcare field I carry CopperZap in my purse at all times.”


Penny C.

Penny Crosby, Personal Care Giver


“It works. I have used it twice. The first time I had woken up with a sore throat and tenderness by one ear, and it hurt to swallow. It felt like a bad cold starting. About 4 hours later I borrowed a CopperZap, washed it thoroughly, and used it for about a minute in each nostril. I used it again an hour later. Three hours later swallowing didn’t hurt any more. Late that afternoon all the symptoms were gone. I think the cold had already started, but just barely, and the copper stopped it. I never got the full cold. The second time I waited too long, but it still stopped the cold by the second day. My first symptom this time was sneezing and a tickly nose the night before, and sinus pressure and congestion the next morning. It felt like a head cold. I used CopperZap twice that morning. I even sneezed while I was using it. The next morning I felt completely better. In my job I need to be productive. It is really hard when I have a cold. I plan to keep a CopperZap in my purse so I can use it right away. It’s not just for me. I don’t want to give anyone else a cold, either.”


Melissa Ramos

 Melissa Ramos, Sales Coordinator


“I used CopperZap at the onset of a cold and it quickly went away. My kids had been suffering from colds and I felt a tickle in both nostrils and started producing mucous in my nose. I quickly tried CopperZap and the tickle went away in about 20 minutes and I stopped producing so much mucous. In the afternoon my airways were more open and the tickle was still gone so I used CopperZap again. As the crud continued to inflict the typical cold symptoms and suffering on the rest of the family, I was quickly back to full strength. I credit the copper for making the cold much shorter in duration and reduced effects. I will try it again next time.”


John B.

 John B., Engineer


” I was getting a cold one night, used copper first thing in the morning, didn’t get the cold. I felt a cold starting in my nose. I was stuffy the next morning, so I used a CopperZap prototype. All symptom were gone in 3 hours and didn’t come back.”


Mark, Pastor

 Mark, Pastor


“I think the copper in your CopperZap made my flu go away the other day. I think I was getting the flu because I woke up achy, with a low fever, scratchy throat and nasal drip. I just felt punk. I think those symptoms mean that I was getting the flu, not just a cold. I tried your CopperZap gizmo around 11:30am and 2 more times after lunch and I felt all better by supper. I used it again the next day as a preventative measure and my symptoms did not return. It might have just been a cold that I was getting, but I was definitely coming down with something. I think the copper took care of it whatever it was. I had used the CopperZap one other time when I thought I might be getting a cold because of a tickle in my nose. The tickle stopped pretty quickly and I didn’t get a cold, however, I am not positive that I was really getting a cold that time. This time I know I was getting something.”


Jan, Attorney

Jan, Attorney

 The idea of sticking copper in my nose seemed weird at first, but I was getting a cold so I tried it and it worked. I felt the beginning of a sore throat starting, so I used copper in my nose and it went away. Two days later I felt it starting again, I used the copper, and again the sore throat went away. It started to come back once more, so I used the copper and this time it went away for good. I never got the full cold!
Now I always use copper in my nose at the first sign of a cold, and it works every time.


Allison C.

 Allison C., Student Nurse and Mother


“A bad cold went through my whole family. I did not try CopperZap until the third day. I woke up with congestion after two days of scratchy throat, but I think the copper made it less severe for me than the rest of the family and the duration of symptoms seem to have been shortened. Today the sinus pressure is gone and I feel good.”


Mrs G.

 Mrs G., Education Coordinator


“My symptoms started as an initial itch and tickle in my inner nostrils followed by sneezing & sniffling. I applied copper in each nostril 2 -3 times in a day, and was surprised by the outcome. The tickle was gone as well as the sneezing & sniffling. The next day there was no sign of a cold. The copper had alleviated the symptoms and prevented a cold.”


Xavier I., Personal Trainer

 Xavier I., Personal Trainer


“I’ve been having a cough in the mornings. I was sure I’d be worse this morning but I wasn’t. I actually feel better. I think it helped a lot.”


Arlette M.

 Arlette M., Mother / Account Manager / U.S. Army Reservist


“Around mid-morning yesterday I began to notice that I was blowing my nose frequently. I used the CopperZap around 10 a.m. Around 12:30 I noticed I hadn’t been blowing my nose nearly as much, but still didn’t feel good. My throat was a little scratchy and I felt like I wanted to go home and curl up on the couch. I used CopperZap again – about a minute in each nostril. A little later I noticed that I felt better!

Even though I understand the principle of copper being able to kill viruses, it still seemed really odd that the copper seemed to stop what felt like a cold coming on. Today I feel absolutely fine. I work for the company, but I’m not being paid to provide a testimonial. Just like the others who have tried it, I simply want people to know that it worked for me. If you want to call and talk to me, I can be reached at 520-512-5474.”


Jen R.

Jen R. Administrative Assistant, CopperZap LLC


“My throat started to become sore and I wasn’t sure if it was allergies or the start of a cold. I used CopperZap and the copper relieved my soreness. The following day I was fine and then towards the end of the day, every cold symptom hit me like a brick.
I used my CopperZap 4 times that night and sure enough, the copper got rid of my symptoms completely! Today I felt great and carried on with my day.”


Emily P.

Emily P., Receptionist


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