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Turns Out CopperZap Is Not Just For Colds And Flu

When we started six years ago, we thought CopperZap was just for colds and flu.

Boy were we wrong.

Almost immediately we started hearing from customers that it could help with flu, sinus trouble, congestion, and cold sores. Not everybody, but a high percentage of people with these problems said copper either helped or relieved the problem entirely.

People say it also prevents them from getting sick after airplane flights and after being around sick people. People say it stops infections in cuts and skin lesions so they can heal faster. Some say it can eliminate canker sores and finger warts.

From other reports, we have learned that copper water, which the latest Directions tell you how to make using a CopperZap, can sanitize retainers, dentures, sponges, etc. It can also reduce mold and mildew and deodorize support garments and joint braces.

Natural cold and flu prevention is still the primary target for CopperZap. But our customers have taught us copper can do a lot more than we thought!